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Folliculitis in dogs is an infection of the hair follicle.

It is often a consequence of another skin disease.


Superficial bacterial folliculitis is usually caused by staphylococcus bacteria and is common on the lower part of the body like abdomen, armpits, and groin.

It is common in puppies and immunosuppressed dogs because a healthy dog with a strong immune system will defend the skin from pathogens. This natural defense fails when a dog is immunosuppressed.  When folliculitis occurs in puppies it is often due to the fact that they have an immature immune system.


Common causes are:

-Poor diet

-Fleas or mites infestation


-Hormonal problems

-Poor hygiene

-Vigorous brushing




What are the symptoms?

-Mild cases have multiple small sized, pimple shaped pustules.

-Hairs in the affected area fall off leaving a lesion.

-Severe cases have large boils which releases pus forming crust.

-Most severe cases have drainage fistulas.

-Chronic cases result in absence of hair, skin darkening, and skin thickening.


What are the treatment options?
If folliculitis is due to another skin disease, it is required to first diagnose that disease and treat it accordingly.

Soap baths, topical treatments, systemic products, and frequent baths are some of the treatment options.

Treatment will last between 15-20 days and must continue until full recovery so that the infection does not return.  For long haired dogs it is advisable to shave off the hair in the affected area.

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