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When we first decided on bringing a pet to live with us, it seemed like entering a pool of things that reminded us of home. We can’t wait to have our very own furry friend. And is it home? It is more. A dog is a (Wo)man’s best friend and the logic behind this sentiment is not unknown: They are loyal, devoted, amiable, dependent, and the best cuddlers.



We have one - FRUDO. Neighbors have given him a name of their own – MAUJI; for he does as he pleases without being a pain in their lives. He loves running like crazy in the rain, engulfing tiny drops and savoring the flavors of nature. As the nights elongate and the west winds turn the temperature down, he soaks in the dew drops, for his love for water, wind, and winters is of childhood. He came as a 1 month old pup to us. We fought for him with our entire family (as getting everyone’s consent in a bhara-pura pariwaar of 16 members is a bloodbath battlefield). But we, the children of the house, fought with all our might and valor and rose victoriously.

And so did our Frudo. He is a fighter since birth. He battled severe chronic disease when he was as little as 3 months. It hit him again when he turned 6 months and again when he was one. Doctors, giving up hope each time, were shocked by the sheer persistence of this little fellow who rises and shines like a warrior each time. Like a charmer, he runs across the open fields and parks, jovial to be with his family and having the time of his life.


A Learnt Enchanter

We knew nothing about dogs, all we knew was – WE WANT HIM. We got to know that labra’s heat-tolerance is pretty low. His kohl-rimmed eyes gleam in our presence as we are the center of his existence. He tilts his head on one side, his kind, compassionate eyes expressing character, intelligence, and good temperament. We are mesmerized by his ease of adjustment. Training him was literally the easiest thing to do. It felt like he is born to be a part of a Joint Family, given his love for family and companionship.


Role, Camera, Action!

Like a true millennial at heart, he loves to pose. He isn’t camera shy. Putting us to shame with his outsmart performance under reel has been his favorite hobby. More than us, he loves to show off his cuteness in the public’s eye. He sits amidst us as a guest of honor, as no discussion, festivities, celebration, work, or basic daily activity is possible without him.



He is right. It is not. The realization keeps hitting us hard since he was gone a week ago. All the ‘is’ are now ‘was’, and ‘haves; are ‘hads’, leaving behind a non-shrinkable hole in our hearts. Things are not the way they used to be. Each time we leave the house, we still put on the AC and a bowl full of milk for him. His belongings; floor mat, cover coat, blanket, collar, harness, are all piled up, making us realize how empty his leaving has left us. I still feel a paw-poking gaze at me each time I sit with dairymilk in my had, like he will suddenly jump in my lap and ask me to feed him with my hands.


Leaving Behind Everlasting Memories

Now, I am sitting here, watching the pictures, videos for the millionth time and thinking; are you on the same note of feelings as am I. Then the body shudders as the mind recollects that you are not. How can you be? For you have gone to lit up another world. You are now making the divine land of wonders a safe haven with your brightest being and the most gracious existence.

A day isn’t enough to celebrate what we have, or had and a lifetime would not suffice to what we have lost. But the memories left behind, the years spent in our happy bubble of togetherness is worth every emotion felt and shared.


Friends For Life And Beyond

His friends in the neighborhood are well-fed and taken care of. They showed their condolences by gracing us with their presence but not eating for an entire day. They visit more often now, wagging their tails, sitting by our sides, eating in their bowls beside Frudo’s.

Unspoken words can speak thousands of emotions of friendship. Now we know better!!

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