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Q. What size harness/leash/collar will fit my dog?
A. For sizing instruction, please check the images of the respective product. In image section, there will be a size guide image. This image will show you exactly how and where you must measure your pet in order to decide the exact size for your buddy. Please note - each harness or collar would have different sizing instruction. To be specific, if suppose your dog is wearing a size medium of a particular harness/collar it does not necessarily mean that it will wear medium size of each and every harness/collar. Before placing an order, be prudent enough to do this small exercise and save yourself from product self-return hassle.

Q. Is the sticker “lovable dog” on one of the harness removable?
A. Yes the sticker is removable as it is a velcro underneath.

Q. Can I have a custom tag instead of “lovable dog”?
A. No, as of now we do not have option for more stickers with different captions.

Q. I cannot see large/medium/small size of this harness/collar option. Why is it so?
A. When a particular size or color is not available with us, you might not be able to see that option in the drop down while making a purchase.

Q. What should I do if my desired size or color is not available?
A. You may WhatsApp us at 8929785830 for any stock related query.

Q. Is there option for tag hanging in one of the PetsUp collars?
A. No, as of now our collars do not have an option to hang a tag.

Q. Is this harness/collar suitable for lhasa apso?
A. PetsUp collars or leashes are manufactured with the dog in mind. Hence all the items on offer have high suitability for your buddy. Just remember to order the right size.