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Travelling with your dog in Flight or Train?

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The festive season is soon approaching and many of us are going to be out of our homes to be with our near and dear ones. 

In such a scenario, one wants to take their dog along while travelling, but because of the lack of proper information and also because of less transparency in rules to carry your dog along in flights or trains the subject becomes an issue.  For convenience shake, pet parents leave their dogs in boarding centers irrespective of their wishes.  I am sure no parent will like a typical boarding atmosphere where they tie the dog 24x7 and mostly encage them too.  Dogs too suffer from separation pangs as we humans do.  Most of the dogs leave their food untouched during the time their owners leave them. 

Against such a backdrop if we put them in such an alien and hostile environment they also develop behavior problem such as barking, biting, being fearful, and getting easily irritated.  Hence this topic has been framed to help out pet parents make a better decision. 

  • While you travel in flights you may carry your pooch along with you provided it is in a cage approved by IATA and locked properly. The authority shall ask you for a health certificate and a vaccination record.                                                                            
  • In trains there are two ways of travelling with animal. 
  1. You may book them in the guard room which is very limited in a single train. The dog will be en-caged with a muzzle worn.  You will not be able to visit him and the care is totally dependent on the attendant who may or may not provide your pet any water or food.                                                                                                                    
  2. Second option in railway is quite good though.  If you book a first class AC and highlight your choice as a coupe (two seats) instead of a compartment (four seats) mentioning that you are travelling with your dog.  You might be lucky to get the coupe sanctioned whereby you can carry your pet without any disturbance or interference.  However, even in this system you must reach the train station at least one hour prior to your travel and make a parcel booking against your pet’s weight.  The authority shall ask you for a health certificate and a vaccination record before booking the parcel.  After the parcel is being booked, you can easily and happily travel with your pet. 

In case you are not sanctioned a coupe, you may travel with your pet in the 4-person compartment, provided all other people in the compartment gives a no-objection.  Be informed and keep travelling with your furry loves!

Whenever you plan your next trip, do get in touch with PetsUp , we will do everything in our power to make travelling with your pet a convenient experience. 


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