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How to prevent a dog from seeing a steak on you!

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It is as much important to impart knowledge and education to a non dog lover as much as it is to a dog lover.  The truth is that the people who are not very dog friendly hardly have an attitude for this type of knowledge.  Today one of my friends asked me “Tell me how to prevent a dog from seeing a steak in you.”  I really laughed out my lungs out at it.  But on a serious note, his question was very genuine and we as dog-loving human must address such issues with care.  To start with, dogs are very instinctive animals.  They sense everything through your energy and vibes.  If you are excited, they are; if you are sad; they are too.  So when a dog senses nervousness, they become nervous too and the immediate thing they do is self defense.  This is the survival instinct.  Through domestication, men have really minimized this instinct in the pets or household dogs, but still the instinct as an animal always prevails and may be manifested when least expected.  The best suggestion is to keep calm and never agitated when in the vicinity of a dog.  It is tougher to make a non dog owner understand that dogs have emotions too.  In fact, horses and dogs are the only animals with emotional quotients.  I, as a dog crazy person from childhood, understand this very well.  But to all my friends out their who think me to be crazy let me share a bit with you.  My Labrador Retrievers, Glutton and Pearl, are the most non-harmful beings on earth!  They are excited to see guests and even excited to see me when I just come from outside even after 10 minutes.  One day I was sad and crying.  Glutton positioned himself at my foot and stared at my eyes in and out.  Then he sat down at my feet, licking them in a way of consolation….Pearl on the other hand often mediates when two dogs fight anywhere and the one who gets defeated always wins Pearl’s motherly love.  She will console the dog by licking and loving him in a way conveying “Sab kuch theek ho jaega.”  In a nutshell, the only thing I can end up with is you must witness it to believe it!

Kindly keep in mind the below points as some of the major reasons why a dog might bite.

  1. Dog possessiveness can cause dog bites.
  2. Dog fear can cause a dog to bite.
  3. Dog pain can cause dog bite.
  4. Maternal instincts can cause dog bites.
  5. Prey drive can cause dog bites.

Will update on how to prevent a dog from biting you!

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