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Dog Nutritional Facts

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Dog’s nutritional requirements are very different from human.  Feeding them on a human diet can lead to severe malnutrition and undergrowth.  We must provide dogs with dog food throughout their lifetime.  If not lifetime at least during the growing period of one to one and a half years they must be fed a dog food.  Various brands manufacture dog foods.  It is tough for pet parents to find out which is the right one for their pet! Hill’s Science Plan, P&G’s Eukanuba, Venkey’s Best in Show, Fidele, Pedigree Professional Range (not the normal pedigree), Royal Canin Breed specific ones are a few to name. The best suggestion is to keep shifting from one food to the other in order to provide your pet with most of the essential ingredients.  Some pets just do not take into food change very well.  For them the food weaning process is a must.  Science Plan Diet for dog has all the ingredients in it in a balanced proportion.  Too much of a specific ingredient, say calcium might adversely harm your beloved pet leading to weaker bones.  So a balanced diet is highly recommended.  Royal Canin breed specific foods, say Labrador Junior/Adult, Beagle Junior/Adult are the high star rating foods owing to the good ingredient and composition.  Carbohydrates are fillers for dogs.  Any food that contains more of it is junk.  Chicken as opposed to chicken meal is considered a superior ingredient.  These are the basic things a dog owner must keep in mind while choosing the plate content of their pooch.

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